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School Lunch Survey Results

During November and December 2019, Naperville 203 surveyed our parent community to ascertain their feedback on our school lunch menu and pricing.  This survey was done in preparation for a new food service contract beginning in the 河北快3开奖结果-2021 school year.  

Executive Summary of Food Service Survey Results.

  • 1,716 Responses
  • 72% were elementary parents
  • When asked what grade parents would give our lunch menu, the following was reported: 
    • A        4%
    • B        20%
    • C        39%
    • D        25%
    • F        12%
  • Most important part of school meals (top responses):
    • Balanced Nutrition
    • Unprocessed Options
    • Great Taste
  • Things parent would change about school meals (top responses):
    • More Fresh Ingredients
    • Broader Selection
    • Better Taste
  • Items parents would like to see offered more often (top responses):
    • Fresh Fruit
    • Fresh Veggies
    • Organic Options
  • Other items of note reported in survey responses:
    • Less disposable items
    • Supply and temperature at satellite locations
    • Account balances and credit card charges
    • Speed of service

Some elements of the survey response could not be addressed during this current contract period based on requirements of the federal National School Lunch Program (NSLP), facility limitations (not having kitchens in all schools) and negotiated rates.  However, Aramark did review the responses and began implementing changes in support of the results beginning of February 河北快3开奖结果.  These changes include:

  • Enhanced naming convention to include quality indication.  For example, “Always Baked, Never Fried”
  • Added Cheerios to the fun lunch offering
  • Incorporated additional grains
  • Updated SchoolDish to show photos of actual offerings to display fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Identified specific fruits and vegetables on menu
  • Incorporated additional salad and deli options
  • Added new vegetarian options to existing offerings

This spring, Naperville 203 will be soliciting bids for the new Food Service contract and will incorporate the feedback received from the survey into the bid document.  Key considerations Naperville 203 will be considering include enhanced menu requirements, disposable items, staffing levels, pricing and fees, and the establishment of a wellness and menu planning committee.